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The Curiato Journey!

What brought us here -
our mission?

Curiato was founded with the belief that patients should not endure the fear, pain, or suffering of an acquired pressure injury. At the onset of our journey, we learned that clinicians and healthcare facilities lack data-driven tools to support their practices.  
Our passion for developing data-driven tools to support clinical practice initially lead us down the path towards collecting high-quality and objective data that would yield insights on the skin. After all, the skin is the largest organ in the body and the first line of defense. Many pressure injuries are associated with skin breakdown.  
But when we collected, analyzed, and visualized the data, we were amazed by the insights we observed. While we were excited that the results validated our focus on pressure injuries, we quickly realized that our technology had far broader clinical applications for patient monitoring across healthcare. That is the genesis of our smart surface monitoring platform.
Our mission is to use smart surface data and insights to support caregivers and healthcare facilities in their quest to deliver the best possible patient care and to achieve the best possible patient outcomes. We believe good outcomes follow good decisions, and that good decisions are far more probable when informed with data.
Our goal is to partner and create a robust and interoperable ecosystem of clinical applications that will drive value for patients, clinicians, and healthcare facilities. Our interests are broad and span pressure injuries, patient safety, cardiology, infectious disease, burn management, and more. 
This is our story. We are a team of passionate technical, clinical, regulatory, and business professionals all working relentlessly to deliver on our mission and vision. 
To inspire advances in patient care using our smart surface data and insights.
Connecting data, patients, and caregivers to inform care decisions in every bed and every hospital.
Passionate: We bring our passion for positively and sustainably changing the world to our job each and every day.

Teamwork: We work in teams and believe that inclusion and teamwork allow us to achieve together
what we could not individually accomplish on our own.

Solution-Oriented: We quickly find the elegant solution to problems through creative and bold ideas, being open-minded, and taking risks.

Integrity: We are open, honest, and direct in all our dealings. We admit when we don’t know. We follow through on our commitments.

Respect: We treat everyone in a fair and respectful manner.

Simplicity: We believe that keeping it simple will allow us to better communicate and move faster.

Fun: We believe that having fun is essential to a healthy and productive work environment.


Meet the expanded leaders behind the platform

Our three co-founders inspired us with their vision, drive and brilliance to look at an age-old problem in a new light. This evolved into our smart bed monitoring mission together.

Dr. Tom Stewart

Interim CEO


Dean Sas

Chief Business & Financial Officer


Matt Sefati

Co-founder & COO


Dr. Nasser Mooman

Chief Technology Officer & Data Science Lead


Jim Price

VP Product


Dr. Cindy Sylvia

VP Clinical Affairs


Moazam Khan



Zied Etleb


President & CEO, Toronto Grace Health Centre

"From the perspective at the system's level, I see this technology will pave the way for the future in wound prevention, efficient use of staff workflow, cost-efficient wound care and prevention, improve quality of life and reduce hospital length of stay."

Director, Centre for Aging & Brain Health Innovation

"Curiato's technology has the potential to save lives and provide desirable outcomes for hospitals."